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Artist statement

Self-taught artist native of Quebec, Marie Plante was a child psychiatrist and her passion for the arts has been present since childhood.

Canadian geese, migratory birds that feed on the shore of the St. Lawrence River, were her first inspiration. The shores are rich with life and lead her to paint large sea birds and vegetation.


Over time her creative approach leads her to express the shore and the migration more than to paint it figuratively. Her shores become more abstract, suggested. Her birds are sketched. The vegetation is represented by drawing the tall grasses. Her banks evolve and tell a different story one year to another. Her «Rives d'eau» collection is her largest and rich of evolution.


The figurative and the portrait are reminded to her periodically and a bird emerges from the canvas, taken from a travel photo or that of a photographer from Quebec with authorization. Except for her bird paintings, the spontaneity of creation prevails in her works. The balance of shapes and colors guides her. Acrylic allows her more creative freedom and her approach has broken away from observational drawing to target the imaginary, joyful and serene interpretation of nature so that her art brightens up.

Several collections of works overlap and complement each other: Rives d'eau / Shores, Oiseaux / Birds, Quatre éléments / Four Elements, Plumes / Feathers ...


She plays with textures with the knife and colors, and recently with a layer of modeling paste that she prints to texture her work. Her colors have the radiance of the pigments of life and she works them with gestures, in the drawing of curves, the brushstroke, the sliding of the knife or the spray of the aerosol.


In 2020-21, the year of the pandemic, the shores change, become isolated to the point of being unrecognizable. Then the desire for other shores self-imposes. Dreamed shores, migrations to an elsewhere invade the canvas. Even without traveling, the inner journey is always possible.

While turquoise is in the spotlight during the first wave of the pandemic, it is accompanied by orange and gives way to red and black with the second wave. Gold, its favorite color, retains all its importance. And she finalizes her work with gold color in string to highlight a detail, crimp and enhance the subject. The gold color and its luminous reflections are part of the Plante’s signature.

Her art is evolving as she continually explores new techniques. If 2020 was the year of acrylic spray, stencils, and textures, 2021 will see her tame the airbrush. She allows herself to use as stencils: ferns, pine branches and goldenrods from her land on the north shore of St-Lawrence river her painting becomes more organic.

Fall 2021, another step in her career, she opens her artist studio in downtown Quebec City

Spring 2022, she participate to an exhibition of the Manif d'Art 10, at the Galerie Bécot.


Nature is precious, beautiful, sacred! Through her art, Marie Plante wants people to discover, respect, and preserve the beauty of nature.


 Marie Plante                                                                           March 2021




Art Studio & Gallery

215 rue St-Vallier Est, Quebec

with apointment



2021     Centre d'art St-Laurent, île d'Orléans

2018-19 Galerie d'art OFF-Galerie 113 rue St-Paul, Québec

2018 Galerie Québec'Art, 40 rue Notre-Dame, Québec

2017 Galerie d'art Chez l'Artiste, 84 1/2 rue Petit-Champlain, Quebec city

2017    Galerie Zen, 1139 rue St-jean, Quebec city


Honors and Mentions

may 2018 Mention of honour exhibition «Vie de château» Québec

september 2017 Finalist of the national competition of painting Rêves d'automne

Solo exhibitions

2021   Solo exhibition «Rêve d'une rive, rive de rêve» Carrefour culturel Baie St-Pau 

2020 Solo exhibition «Rives d'eau» Carrefour culturel Baie St-Paul,(COVID cancelled)

2013    Solo exhibition "Persona…Grata" 4th enriched edition, Le Tournesol library, Quebec;

2013    Solo exhibition "Pastel drawing portraits", Les Fistons restaurant, Quebec;

2010    Solo exhibition "Persona Grata…A face is worth a thousand words"

          2nd edition, Alain-Grandbois library, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures;

2010    Solo exhibition "Persona Grata…a face is worth a thousand words"

         3rd edition, Roger Lemelin library, Cap-Rouge;

2009    Solo exhibition "Persona Grata…a face is worth a thousand words", Maison Magella Paradis Art Gallery, Trait-Carré, Charlesbourg;

2001    Solo exhibition "Augustin geese", Alain Grandbois library, St-Augustin-de- Desmaures


Group exhibitions

2022 Galerie Bécot, Quebec city, QC

2021 Galerie SACQ, Laurier-Québec

2020 Galerie Imaginart, SAHSC, Galeries de la Capitale

2020 ACSAD exhibition «La montagne secrète», Baie St-Paul

2019 «Oser carré» , Galerie MP Trésart, Durham-Sud 

2019 Galerie Espace, Montréal


2020 Art & Moisson, SAHSC, Île d'Orléans

2019 Rendez-vous art contemporain, 

2019 Visit'Art-Québec

Professionnal Associations 

Regroupement des artistes en art visuel du Québec (RAAVQ),

Société artistique et culturelle de Québec (SACQ)

Association culturelle de St-Augustin-de-Desmaures (ACSAD)

Société artistique de la Haute St-Charles (SAHSC)


mars 2021.jpg

Marie Plante, a native of Quebec City, has studied and worked as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, but her passion for arts has followed her throughout her career. Over the years, her natural gift for drawing, painting, and arts in general has led her to learn how to use multiple art media. In the 2000s, her artistic career became more defined and she started exhibiting her work.


Pastel period

Along the St. Laurence River, she observes Canada geese. These magnificent birds are her inspiration for twenty pastel drawings for a first solo exhibition "Augustin Geese" in 2001. Her strong interest in the human being leads her to choose this medium known for its subtlety in portraiture. The dry pastel portrait workshop sessions she attends, run by pastellists and painters Francine Gauthier, Cathia Hamel, Denis Jacques, Fleurette Sauvageau, and Isabelle Hêtu, complete her drawing and dry pastel portrait training.


Her passion for portraits conditions her production. When she paints portraits, she feels like she is meeting with her subject and trying to understand his personality, his emotions, his joys and pains. Pastel drawing enables her painting style to be either gestural or nuanced and it necessarily involves the integration of the mind, perception, emotion, and movement. ​


Acrylic period

In recent years, she has been focusing on her painting. Her production pace has increased, since she has more time to explore visual arts and creativity. In 2010, she has adopted acrylic painting and since 2014, her acrylic painting production has become more important and has reached maturity. Here again, this medium allows her style to be either gestural or nuanced, and both the use of the paint brush and the palette knife offer that possibility.  And airspray or aerograph are her new tools to paint her vision. Colors are predominant in her work, whether she uses a bright color spectrum or a rather limited one.

Ce qui compte, c’est la spontanéité, l’impulsion. Voilà la vérité vraie  -  Picasso

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